New Fiat Palio 2018 Specs, Release Date and Price

Saturday, April 15th 2017. | Fiat

We do not know the first person who predicted the coming of Fiat Palio 2018, but one thing for sure is that many unofficial websites started talking about this car. It is assumed to have many changes from its exterior, interior and engine execution. The improvements will make you satisfied. If you want to know more about the car, here are some of our reviews that you can read at any time.

New 2018 Fiat Palio
2018 Fiat Palio Exterior

The outer part of the car will go with a new design. This 2-4 doorway car will get much better look with the sportier design language to make it entirely different from the previous model. With the minor changes, the exterior has better adjustments, and it has some new touches. However, we cannot gain more information about the exact details outside. Fiat Palio 2018 is quite promising to give you a fresh look.

2018 Fiat Palio Interior2018 Fiat Palio Interior

The story is quite similar to the exterior because the cabin has some important improvements too. Because it will enter the modern era, the company considers adding some new technology features to complete its convenience. You would not get bored when you have to go inside and enjoy your travel because the cabin gives you ultimate comfort because both driver and passenger will be completed with high-quality cabin design. Fiat Palio 2018 is also equipped with safety features, entertainment, and infotainment system that are upgraded.

2018 Fiat Palio Engine

Now, we shift our attention to the engine performance. Likely, the company will use 1.1-liter engine capacity that is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km in just 12.2 seconds. It is not a bad achievement of course. It shows you better performance than the predecessor. Besides, Fiat Palio 2018 has not been confirmed by the company, so we have to wait for more to know about the details of the engine. We only believe that they would not kill their business just because they do not want to give many innovations, especially around the engine.

2018 Fiat Palio Release Date2018 Fiat Palio Release Date and Price

After collecting all information about the car from some unofficial websites, it is hard to accept that we cannot find any information about its exact release date. It is important to come out somewhere in 2017, and the price should be still affordable, although it will be a little more expensive than the previous model because the development to make it better for Fiat Palio 2018.