New 2018 VW Jetta Redesign and Release Date

Saturday, April 15th 2017. | Volkswagen

Around 2017, there will be a special thing that Volkswagen to present especially for the loyal fans. They are planning the comeback of 2018 VW Jetta. It is a new compact sedan that will go with some upgrades, especially for the external, internal and engine performance. The outer part of the car has cleaner and better look compared to the previous model. It also has a new look around the cabin, thanks to its higher level of quality materials.

2018 VW Jetta Redesign
2018 VW Jetta Exterior

2018 VW Jetta GLI has a new look around the outer part. The front is more competitive than before. The company will complete the headlights with slimmer style with the use of new shape. The bumper is also designed with new model to fill out the grille. The rear part of the car has new exhaust pipes. Even there are reinforced alloy wheels with 18-inch in size. The outer part of the car is helpful to make it fresh, better than the predecessor.

2018 VW Jetta Interior2018 VW Jetta Interior

Move on the cabin layout where there are some parts to be redesigned. The cabin is surely more spacious than ever because the company made the seating arrangement well. Besides the huge area, it seems that the cabin of 2018 VW Jetta has more functions with the support of new technology. You can see that most of the features such as the safety, infotainment and entertainment system are improved. It is also possible that the company has big concern on its quality material to give both driver and passenger a high level of comfort.

2018 VW Jetta Engine

About the engine performance, it seems that there are two engines to provide. The first will be 2.0-liter turbocharged engine and the second is 1.4-liter engine with turbocharged too. The details about these engines are still hard to be known, but we are anticipating to see its performance with higher output because of its development. The company is also quite promising to redesign the new 2018 VW Jetta, so it has better acceleration and more efficient fuel consumption.

2018 VW Jetta Release Date2018 VW Jetta Release Date and Price

Don’t expect that the company will announce all details about the car soon. It is possible for them to introduce it at the end of 2017 with the predicted price for the base model is about $32,500. However, you have to spend more bucks if you want to go with more gadgets in 2018 VW Jetta. Because everything is still under the development, the current information is possible to change at any time.