2020 Audi TT Concept Rendering, Specs, Price, Release Date

Monday, September 11th 2017. | Audi

The first thing that comes to our mind when it is all about 2020 Audi TT is Nikola Vargo. He is the one who responsible for the design of the successor. Nikola designed it as a middle-engine sports car. Nikola is still young, which is about 26 years old and he works as Bulgarian financial professional. His interest in designing truck and cars was very big. We found many pictures about Audi TT he made and these were his first foam design with the range 1:5.

2020 Audi TT Concept by Nikola Vargov
2020 Audi TT Exterior

Based on the concept he made, 2020 Audi TT is Audi TT-centered design with the two-seat layout. The engine of the vehicle is placed before the rear axle. We can say that the dimensions are quite small that is 4000 millimeters by 1850 millimeters by 1150 millimeters. It is because the vehicle has a smaller engine with a smart and lightweight design for its body. It seems that Nikola has the idea to offer aluminum body weight as well as composites to offer proportional body. By having this design, the vehicle is possible to be a strong rival for Ferrari 430, Audi R8, and Porsche Carrera.

The exterior styling comes with the crucial format indicators. Nikola explained that he tried to blend the design with some new details without losing its iconic elements such as the Vehicle Union entrance grille and the Microsoft Windows for the doorway. Other things are the roll nightclubs and the humps to highlight the front side fenders. His goal is to offer a brand new look without losing its powerful and excellent design for its advancement. The best part of the vehicle is the roof design that can be removed easily. It makes the vehicle comes to be a roadster with the facial lines as its accent.

2020 Audi TT Interior

2020 Audi TT is going to come out with the latest technology advancement. We believe that the company will offer it with modern technology to support both driver and passengers. They claim that it can be a better vehicle than the Ferrari 430. It is enough to say that the company has a serious plan for its arrival.

2020 Audi TT Engine

The exact engine is still unknown for the new 2020 Audi TT. Some reliable sources only provide us a little hint about the engine. Some say that it is a mid-engine car. Others tell us that the engine will be in the back. One thing for sure is that the smaller engine version and the lighter bodyweight is enough to improve its performance. Besides, Audi unveiled two higher engine options for the TT-concept with the 414 bhp.

2020 Audi TT Release Date and Price

2020 Audi TT is still in form of concept. No one knows when the company is ready to develop it. If it comes to be true, the company should offer it in 2019 with the base price about £25,000.