2018 Trans Am Revealed at the 2017 New York Auto Show with 1,000 Hp

Friday, April 14th 2017. | Pontiac

If you think that the most powerful American muscle car right now is the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, well you are totally wrong. It is true that the Challenger comes with the output about 840 hp with the 100 octane race fuel, but there is another car with more powerful output which is the new 2018 Trans Am. The company introduced it at 2017 New York Auto Show with the 1,000 hp as their claim. The new Trans Am 455 Super Duty is available and the company will limit the production, just 50 examples to make.

2018 Trans Am
2018 Trans Am Exterior

Its look will be enhanced to give better handling with 10-inch of lowered springs and anti-roll bar package. 2018 Trans Am also has three-piece 10-spoke Crawler Race Wheels with the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. Custom coated brake calipers will be added with the upgraded Brembo brake. The bodywork will be constructed from a lot of carbon fiber body panels such as the shaker hood, the front fascia, the scoop and the carbon fenders with heat extractor vents, decklid and rear fascia. Another impressive redesign will be the custom fascia grilles, unique taillights and side ground effects package. The T-tops will be optional. The custom painted graphics package is available with screaming chicken hood decal, rear spoiler detail and fender. The complete redesign will be presented as the final touch for its sleek body lines, retro styling and masculine body.

2018 Trans Am Interior2018 Trans Am Interior

As for the cabin design, the company will support it with more premium look compared to the previous model. It is explained to get Trans Am Super Duty Shifter handle. The optional leather seating is added with 455 embroidered head rests as well as SD embroidered seat back. The floor mats are decorated too. 2018 Trans Am will be featured with painted door panels, painted door sills, custom gauge cluster and restyled vintage climate vents.

2018 Trans Am Engine2018 Trans Am Engine

The 1,000 hp output is generated from 455-cubic-inch or 7.4 liters of the current V LT1 V8 engine presented by GM with Magnuson TVS2300 supercharger to add 14 psi of boost. The company adds cold air intake, ceramic coated headers as well as 3.0-inch of exhaust to create that total amount of output. The torque power of 2018 Trans Am is about 1,046 lb-ft of torque. It means that compared to the race gas in Demon, it is 160 hp and 276 lb-ft higher, and if we compare it to Demon on 91 octanes, it is about 192 hp and 329 lb-ft higher.

2018 Pontiac Trans Am Changes2018 Trans Am Release Date and Price

2018 Trans Am has been started for its debut at New York Auto Show. The price has not been set but we have collected some information about the car. It seems the price can be started about $50,000 or more than that.