2018 Toyota Aurion

Sunday, February 10th 2019. | Toyota

The updated version of Aurion is about to come. Included among the top Toyota lineup, the upcoming vehicle will carry on several updates on both the styling and also the performance. So far its presence in the auto market, the public responses on the Aurion is quite positive. It is one factor motivating the automaker to present the 2018 Toyota Aurion in more advanced technology and further improved engine setup to make it convenient to run on both the highway and the city.

Toyota Aurion 2018


Hinted from the latest reports, the upgrades on the Aurion will be focused on improving the security systems rather than on the completely new design. However, the car intact appearance still remains impressive with all the embedded elements. The new Aurion will be available in some metallic color options, hence, the customers could opt one they prefer. Just around the top, we could see the renewed glass moonroof allowing the better air circulation system. Some of the added instruments on the car exterior could be captured to the Aurion AT-X as well. The car dimension will be built up in wider measurement to give better comfort and enough spaces for the passengers and also the luggage.

Toyota Aurion 2018 InteriorInterior  

Shifting to the car interior, there will be dozens of new installments to accommodate the infotainment and safety services. Just around the dashboard panel, we will see the touchscreen display and other supporting features including the Universal serial bus with Aux Details jack to get the Audio instruments. Other features such as Bluetooth connectivity, a six audio speaker and more advanced technological components will come up to ease the customers’ needs during the journey. No need to worry for the safety since the 2018 Toyota Aurion will be supplemented with several security tools including the lane departure alert, airbags, cross-traffic warning and most likely other modern features coming up.


Under the bonnet of Aurion, the engineer might select the drivetrain unit of a 9.3 liter with the boosted energy of 100 KM. To realize the light performance, the engine package of 200 kWh V6 will be engaged. Pairing up the opted engines with the 6-speed automatic gearbox will be projected to give the light, fast and the efficient fuel consumption. Based on the late reports, the engineer has planned to reduce the noise and improve the balance of the 2018 Toyota Aurion the reduction of sound vibrations harshness (NVH).

Toyota Aurion 2018 Rear Angle2018 Toyota Aurion Release Date and Price

During the process of production, we have no idea on when the 2018 Toyota Aurion will be officially released to the marketplace. Nevertheless, suggested from the recent speculations, the arrival of new vehicle is anticipated at any time in 2017. The car’s starting price could go at approximately $38,000 to $49,050, based on estimations.