2018 Renault Megane

Saturday, January 19th 2019. | Renault

It sounds interesting when a small engine applied for sports car but it is capable to offer great unexpected output. Well, this case might happen to Renault Megane 2018. This sports car is rumored to come soon with the support of good engine performance. Well, it is more than that. There are quite many interesting details that Renault will offer. Based on the concept, the engine will be supported with dual-clutch transmission which can be the indication to replace the current powertrain.

Renault Megane 2018 Front Angle


Don’t expect many options if you anticipate this new generation. It will be designed in five-door model only. We think that it will use the CMF layout to reduce the framework for about 30 percent and to minimize the entry cost about 40 percent for Renault Megane 2018. The reduced framework weight helps the car to have better performance and more stable. We do expect that the cosmetic redesigns allow the car to be more distinctive from the previous models.

Renault Megane 2018 Side ViewInterior

The cabin will be equipped with cross-country dash and the comfortable design for a long trip. It is designed with regular FM radio, modest LCD screen display on the dashboard, R-link Infotainment for Nav edition, 7-inch more substantial color screen display with shortcut buttons to control and other modern features inside of Renault Megane 2018. Before, it was a three-seat car but now it is changed to be five-seat car which is important for Renault to concern on the ample space inside the cabin. Passengers at least can sit comfortably with the enough room for their head and legs.


The center of attention will be the engine. Renault Megane 2018 might be released with turbocharged engine 1.6 to replace the turbocharged 2.0 engine. This change might happen because Renault has big concern on the better emission and fuel consumption. Renault might switch the front-wheel drive to all-wheel drive with the use of new scorching hatch and four-wheel steering method. The engine will send the output with the use of auto dual-clutch transmission.  Other reports said that the RS model is capable to offer 247bhp which is good for you who want to see high fuel economic climate. Simply, press the sport button to get the full output about 271bhp. The interesting part is the fuel consumption. Typically it can be about 377mpg which is quite great match for the rivals. For the CO2 emissions are 174g/km that is also close to the rivals.

Renault Megane 2018 Rear Angle2018 Renault Megane Release Date and Price

The debut should be in 2018 so the market battle with VW Golf, Toyota Corolla and Mazda3 can be started. For the price of Renault Megane 2018, the record price is decreased and it should be more affordable than the rivals.