2018 Nissan IDX Specs, Price and Release Date

Friday, April 21st 2017. | Nissan

People have been anticipating the production of 2018 Nissan IDX for quite long, and latest rumors mentioned that it would be available soon. We expect that its debut can be started earlier, but it would not be. It can be about at the end of the next year we can see its arrival since the concept was introduced three years ago. It got a positive reaction, and some serious indications are viewed. The company still wraps the details, but we believe it would not go too far from the concept.

2018 Nissan IDX Specs
2018 Nissan IDX Exterior

So, three years ago the concept was launched with unique characteristics to complete the look of this new generation. It has a unique twist of futuristic and retro details. It has an exciting and fun design with the simple configuration. 2018 Nissan IDX will be a compact car with the support of RWD configuration. The unique styling of modern and retro elements is added to make it not outdated.

2018 Nissan IDX Interior2018 Nissan IDX Interior

We heard that the company created the car in two variants, the Freeflow for those who love vintage cars and the NISMO for young buyers. Since they put the young consumers as one of their targets, we believe that they would not forget to support the cabin of 2018 Nissan IDX with the more technology details starting from the connectivity, infotainment, security, and entertainment system. We also believe that the high level of comfort will be the subject of their improvement in this car.

2018 Nissan IDX Engine

Although the real engines to use for the new 2018 Nissan IDX are still hard to be identified, it will go with several units. However, buyers cannot go with other engines since they only offer petrol. We think that the right solution is the 1.8-liter engine as well as the new 1.2 liters. We do expect to see the coming of Nismo variant with the engine that can be borrowed from Nissan Juke, so it is capable of providing the amount of output about 230 hp to support its excellent top speed and acceleration.

2018 Nissan IDX Release Date2018 Nissan IDX Release Date and Price

As far as we know, everything is still in the form of the concept. It is true that there is a significant indication from last reports that the new 2018 Nissan IDX will be provided but we could see this is reliable information or not at the end of 2017. To purchase the base model, you can spend about $20,000 which is an impressive price tag to attract more buyers.