2018 Lamborghini Urus

Monday, January 7th 2019. | Lamborghini

To compete in high-end SUV class, Lamborghini has a plan to make the upcoming 2018 Lamborghini Urus to be the top list. Its previous models are quite popular as the fastest off-roader on earth and they have big possibility to beat the rivals.

2018 Lamborghini Urus SUV


The interesting part is that the company will reduce the weight quite much to support the performance and fuel efficiency, although they will carry over the same MLB 2 platform that is also used by Audi Q7 and Bentayga. The difference is that the company will replace the steel components with carbon fiber pieces for 2018 Lamborghini Urus. The body panels might be designed with carbon fiber too. Well, they don’t stop to develop. We are pretty sure that they will prepare more changes to complete the cosmetic details in this car such as the taillights, headlights, grille and even bumper.


2018 Lamborghini Urus perhaps will be launched with slight redesign inside the cabin. The company has a big concern on its performance and that is the big reason that they give notable change on the bodyweight. They might only complete the interior with several upgraded features. It doesn’t matter at all because we are quite happy when we hear that they will make it lighter than before which means that this car will be easier to operate than ever.

2018 Lamborghini Urus SUV Rear ViewEngine

For its high performance, there is a strong indication that the company will adopt forced induction and it will be the first Lamborghini with the use of V8 engine twin-turbocharged 4.0 liter. Some reports even mentioned that the company will develop eight-cylinder unit. On the other hands, there is a strong believe that 2018 Lamborghini Urus might use heavily revised engine from Audi as the parent company. Issues stated that the company executives confirmed the engine will be exclusive for this car and they wouldn’t use coupe’s engines. In less than 4 seconds, this new generation can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. If so, it will be the strong rivals for Bentley Bentayga and Meredeces-AMG C63.

Another possibility is that 2018 Lamborghini Urus will use the first gasoline electric model from Lamborghini in order to deal with the strict emission laws. If it comes to be true, it can be V6 engine and a unit motor as it is mentioned by Maurizio Reggiani, the head of Research and Development Department for Lamborghini.

2018 Lamborghini Urus Release Date and Price

It might come out next several months as an off-roader. We expect to see it at 2018 Geneva Motor Show as 2018 Lamborghini Urus. The price will be very close to the rivals.