2018 Infiniti Q100 Price, Specs and Release Date

Thursday, March 23rd 2017. | Infiniti

2018 Infiniti Q100 will be the mark that new and luxurious sports car will come soon for its future battle on the market. Infiniti is basically Nissan’s branch and the coming of this car will create large impact to the market competition. The visual appearance is aggressive, interesting and attractive. It is one of the exotic cars and it is still phlegmatic. The official announced that there will be some changes for it.

2018 Infiniti Q100 Changes
2018 Infiniti Q100 Exterior

The visual styling is superb that you can see on the sketches and not much is known about the new 2018 Infiniti Q100. It is expected to have some stylish details with lightweight bodywork to support its engine performance and speed execution. Probably, the cosmetic details will make you amazed.

2018 Infiniti Q100 Interior

A sophisticated and bolstered cabin design will be presented. It is all with the high quality materials. They also have big concern on the infotainment and technology features. All are coming from latest versions. It will be the first car that is called as the new 2018 Infiniti Q100, and it is still the base. Its arrival is important to support the next generation. Therefore, we bet the company will do their best to its life, and after that they will keep improving for the 2020 model.

2018 Infiniti Q100 Engine

We have to say that it is really difficult to guess about the proper engine to use for 2018 Infiniti Q100 under the hood. Some official information is possible to follow. Before, the company announced that they will not go anymore with a concept that needs the support of V8 engine, but they will go with turbo charging for future demand. It will be attached to petrol engine as well as electric batteries to make it as a great and powerful hybrid. The concept is similar as you can find on their new Nissan GT-R. You can expect to see similar engine performance to this one. Even some unofficial sites mentioned about the capability to reach 600 hp with the use of seven-speed gearbox for both rear and all-wheel drive.

2018 Infiniti Q100 Concept2018 Infiniti Q100 Release Date and Price

2018 Infiniti Q100 wouldn’t come out before two years from now. It means that the company still has enough time to develop and give some enhancements to support its new debut. It will be the strong rivals for some cars such as cars from BMW, Mercedes and even Porsche. We don’t know yet about the price of the car but it can be competitive to the rivals.