2018 Honda Jazz Specs, Release Date, Changes and Price

Saturday, March 25th 2017. | Honda

The great and the most effective ways that many automakers do to increase their sales record is by offering a redesign for a new model no matter whether their product is the popular one or not. 2018 Honda Jazz for example, it will come back to enter the hatchback cars competition that will be redesigned, but the design is still similar to the previous model. Some minor changes added to make it better than before. We glad that Honda prepares new technology too.

2018 Honda Jazz Changes
2018 Honda Jazz Exterior

Honda doesn’t go with a drastic change that perhaps will take the car to be much more expensive than the previous model. They would like to work with minor modifications but enough to make it as a fresh model with more distinctive design than before. 2018 Honda Jazz will get some adjustments to complete the future demand with the larger grille, bumpers and lamps. It also seems possible to give sleek outlines for its rear finish, roof structure and hood. We can say that the slight enhancements make it more hostile.

2018 Honda Jazz Interior2018 Honda Jazz Interior

We do agree that there are some improvements to do when it comes to the cabin design. The dash has a revolutionary design with several features to deliver. 2018 Honda Jazz is designed to give a higher level of comfort especially for both the driver and passengers. There will be lots of capabilities to achieve including the display screen to exhibit, the improved safety features, the functionality and more such as the Area Brake, VSA and the Mountain Start off help.

2018 Honda Jazz Engine

A 1.3 liter DOHC system and four-cylinder will be mated to a five-speed transmission with the support of guide moving to complete its engine execution. It is also possible to use DOHC Drivetrain four-tube and 1.5 liters with a six-speed transmission. It seems that the new 2018 Honda Jazz has improved output with the support of electrical battery packs. Even it is possible to go with new seven-speed DCT gearbox.

2018 Honda Jazz Release Date2018 Honda Jazz Release Date and Price

You have to save about $20,000 if you have a plan to purchase it in the future. If you can add $5,000, it means that you can go with the Crossbreed trim. The price absolutely depends on the engine type that you want to go with. We think that it is available at the end of 2017 so the company can start its introduction as the latest generation of 2018 Honda Jazz.