2018 Ford Torino GT Rumors Speculation

Friday, March 10th 2017. | Ford

To provide a muscle car for American market, Ford is rumored to produce the new 2018 Ford Torino. As we know that the demand of muscle car in that market is quite high and it has high popularity in that area. It is expected to be launched soon. The company has great reputation especially to produce muscle car just like Mustang with the high performance.

Ford Torino GT Rumors
2018 Ford Torino Exterior

Rumors said that the new design for 2018 Ford Torino will be more stylish than ever and this can impress the car. It has curvy design with curved display and sharp tail for its front side. It seems that the company will retain the current bumper. The base will get the 17-inch of alloy wheels.

New Ford Torino GT2018 Ford Torino Interior

The possible improvements according to rumors will be a more stylish look for its cabin. The simple and elegant cabin design will be the main focus for the company to work with. Reliable sources mentioned about the complete media features for the new 2018 Ford Torino. It gives you high level of entertainment inside such as LCD screen that can be adjusted to complete the car functions based on your needs. The body front has wiper and the front body will be lower than the tail body for a more modern look.

2018 Ford Torino Engine

2018 Ford Torino for its performance as a muscle car will get high engine specification. It will be a popular car as Ford Mustang and to achieve this target, there can be an EcoBoost 5.0 liter and V8 engine, but it has not been confirmed yet by the company. Although it is still under a prediction, but this engine is expected to produce about 443 hp and 525 lb-ft of torque power. This output can be a life-saver for the car to make it as one of great muscle cars on its market. Rumors also mentioned that Ford only produces about 3,000 units for global market and it is a limited number of production.

2018 Ford Torino Release Date and Price

2018 Ford Torino is still hard to be understood especially when it will be released and how much its cost. Many automotive experts predict that the cost will be about $40,000 for the base. This cost is totally expensive but still competitive to make it as a muscle car with a lot of changes for its exterior and interior. In addition, it has powerful engine specification although it is only reported by rumors.