2018 BMW Z4 Concept Release Date

Monday, February 18th 2019. | BMW

Just few years advance, BMW will be ready to launch the new generation of Z4 to the world automobile. Coming out as a 2018 convertible version, the forthcoming auto will be best opted for the customers who prefer the greatness and luxurious driving. It has been over years since its first release, the row Z4 autos have been acknowledged to possess the powerful performance and sophisticated additional features. As for the new updates, the base 2018 BMW Z4 will be equipped with the sporting car seats and strong brakes as well.

2018 BMW Z4 Front Angle


The external element of Z4 will receive some modifications. It includes the four wheels ABS and the front and rear ventilated brakes. The car overall dimension will come up in more compact measurements of 4 feet in height, 5 feet in width and 14 feet in length. Having a big 8 cubic feet inside will provide more spacious storage on the Z4.

2018 BMW Z4 InteriorInterior

As commonly other modern vehicles, the 2018 BMW Z4 interior will be enhanced with several betterments such as the leather surrounds. Later we are going to see the heated and adjusted lumbar support car seats to offer the full comfort for the passengers as well as the warm feeling during the winter. Moreover, ten ways changing directions and the new technology on the car seats will be further advanced. Along with the new technology, the previous setting on the customers’ seats could be memorized and of course much advantageous to help settling up everything in order. In terms of technological features, some tools such as hands-free calling, internet connection, driving assistance will be supplemented under the standard cup holders and the front door pockets.


Apart from all possibilities, the new 2018 BMW Z4 might be powered with an engine version of a 3.0 liter 6-cylinder. Mated with the 7-speed automatic gearbox, the drivetrain could produce the output of 335 horsepower and enhance the four wheels system to help improving the car stability and handling system. The fuel economy is recorded to achieve the mileage of 24 MPG on the highway and 17 MPG while driving in the city.

2018 BMW Z4 Rear Angle2018 BMW Z4 Release Date and Price

While looking forward to the official information, the due date of 2018 BMW Z4 for the dealerships could take place around the start of 2017. Similarly, the price details are still unknown for certain. Under the latest appraisals, the base version of 2018 BMW Z4 might be valued at approximately $65,545.