2017 Lincoln Mark LT Truck Release Date, Specs and Price

Monday, July 3rd 2017. | Lincoln

Lincoln provides a great comeback for the new 2017 Lincoln Mark LT. As you probably know that, the original version was available about ten years ago. It was there as the new offer from Ford’s luxury division. The company produced the luxury pickup truck until 2014. In that period, the company was able to make two generations. The original version could survive on the market until 2008, while the second generation arrived in 2010. The company took few years to develop and now they are ready with a new try.

2017 Lincoln Mark LT Truck Price
2017 Lincoln Mark LT Exterior

A complete redesign is what they probably offer for the new truck. It is available as the third generation. Its design is the same as the previous model with most parts from the F-150. The pickup comes with several unique details to give different look from the F-150. The truck has some similarities with the Navigator SUV. In another word, the design is much better than the F-150. We think that the 2017 Lincoln Mark LT comes with the lightweight body materials to support its performance just like the F-150.

2017 Lincoln Mark LT Interior

As for the cabin, the new 2017 Lincoln Mark LT has luxurious design to make it better compared to the F-150. We expect the truck has a stylish cabin constructed from premium materials, has spacious cabin, and has a high level of comfort. The new model also has advanced technologies including navigation, bigger touch screen, heated seats, premium audio system, and other features for its safety and entertainment system. In short, the company provides the cabin with some important improvements to give you a high level of comfort.

2017 Lincoln Mark LT Truck2017 Lincoln Mark LT Engine

Under the hood, there is no official report available. The company will not use the current V8 engine and 5.4 liter due to insufficient power. At this time, many of us expect the 2017 Lincoln Mark LT has two engine options. The first is the eight-cylinder Coyote engine 5.0 liter. Another option is a smaller engine that is more efficient and it comes with better fuel economy. It can be like the Ford’s V6 EcoBoost. However, it is still hard to reveal about the engine details. Up to now, there is no available information that can tell us about the output, the torque power, the acceleration, and the top speed of using the new pickup.

2017 Lincoln Mark LT Release Date and Price

We do hope that the launch day of the 2017 Lincoln Mark LT happens in the end of 2017. For more details, we have to wait the official announcement.